Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Moments

Sweet moments are made of affection-
Between two person-
With true feelings-
And bothsides attraction.

Sweet moments are made of love-
Between two hearts-
Which belong to you and me-
Love that God has sent from above.


Do I HaVe To PaY ThIs PrIcE...???

Looking deep into your eyes, hair blown on my face
Building up the emotions inside, sighing in slow pace
Longing for your touch, strengthening my faith
Will you feel the intensity of my love, so deep with grace

Petty petty times we spent together with love
Haunting my sleepless nights and torturing me
Wanting your embrace, wanting your grip like glove
To wash away my griefs and letting me free

My PaIn Is ReAl

My soul is mourning alive
My body is weakened gradually
My weeping eyes are burnt
Burning my desires slowly

My heart is fading into shapeless
My depression is growing strong
Never will my peace calmly rest
In trying not to prove me wrong

At LaSt I fOuNd YoUuuuu

Every little thing you do
Makes me love you more
The little smile & little tears
Caused only by you, I know!

When you listen to me
My heart pounds so fast
When you assure me in pain
I wish this would always last

Depression : LoViNg YoU bLiNdLy

Painful anger pricks my mind
Plunging me in these sorrows
Walking away leaving me behind
Like there will be no tomorrow

Wild tension and Depression
Leads me to this frustration
Frying myself in this sensation
Tearing me apart by this aggression

Faith : TrUsT u MoRe ThAn MySeLf...

When hurts reside in me
I have no way to escape
Trying to hide from this world
My heart bleeding, losing its shape

Trust you more than myself
Is what embedded in me
Even if killed by you one day
Never will it change, if left free


Longing : EmPtY hEaRtEd...

Nothing is what i have with me
Except the dreams given by you
You being my favourite mistake
Willing to commit all life thru’

Would be glad to die this second
If I have to prove my love for you
Wishing you will one day realize
My love has always been true


Disappointment: U nEvEr ToOk TiMe To KnOw Meeee

Whenever you smile
I think you are mine
At the end of the day
Dunno if everything’s fine

Have I become weaker?
When crying your name
Heart crumpled to pieces
Who am I to blame?

Sadness : EvEn ThEn I kEeP LoViNg Uuuu

Never stopped thinking of you
Neither did i want to try
For loving you is heavenly bliss
Whether in pain or joy I cry

Never want to let you go
Baby, b’coz I am your shore
Why ever do you turn blind
By blaming everything on time

Loneliness : CrYiNg SoUl

As each second passes out my life
Washing away the yearnings I had
Unknown tears roll down my cheeks
Reminding me the good and the bad

Begging my soul to never weep
For my nights do have its dawn
Memories of the days passed with you
Left by you when you had gone

Assurance : BeLiEvE Meeee

I look into your soul
I could see my own
The pain that tortures you
Is the same I go through

Where have your dreams
That had gone astray?
Will the life you want to live
Comes to you what may?

Addiction : BlEsSiNg In DiSgUiSe...

Did you see how i love you ?
Thru my eyes that shine
By the way I express out
When things are not fine

You, and even you
Don’t know how I feel
How real is this love
You stole my heart, so mean

Longing : WiLl U cOmE BaCk???

My soul has been torn to pieces
When you say goodbye forever
My heart has been pierced so deep
When you will love me, never

My sleep has been disturbed
When I have no you to lean
My world becomes pitched dark
When I don’t hear your breathing

Memories : U hOlD mY fUtUrE

If my memories serve me well
That you captured me all along
Drifting apart from each other
Has never been what I want

But why am I left alone now?
With painful thoughts about you
The only property that I possess
The only company when I’m blue

Death : ReAcHiNg My DeStInAtIoN

Being hurt like being dead
Left alone like an orphan
Killed fiercely from toe to head
Finally reached my road end

All the griefs I bore till now
Have the solutions to solve
Nothing worse to capture me
Nothing worse to get involved

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