Sunday, February 7, 2010

Was HelLo So HarD?

When i said the first hello
You prefer to look away
When im about to let you go
You decided to come my way

I blushed when you heard me
You wished my presence everyday
You taught me many things
How to shine like flowers in May

Why ThiS hAppEnS...,

I dunno why this happens?
Is my prayer wrong at start?
Is my faith so very weak?
Is my joy so very short?

I dunno why this happens?
Does love born with pain?
Will it erase all peace?
Will it leave bad stains?

I bEleiVe In YoU...

I smile when i hear you
Though it is false & not true
I hide by my small giggles
But inside, i'm always blue

I never know where i stand
I feel i do not deserve a glance
Everything comes first for you
Only at last you give me a chance

My PrOmIsE....

During the moment of your troubles
Like you feel lost in the mid-sea
You want to scream but dumb-founded
There's no hope around to be

You look around to be in search of someone
You see no limit but an endless horizon
you wanna scream at the top of your voice
There, you hear a feeble sound like noise

You are stunt when you turned around
You see me there with extended arms
For i promise to appear whenever you need
Becoz you are my soul, my heart and my want

FaItH iN lOvE...

Everything is just like a dream
when love beats your heart
Like rainbow after the rain
Love makes your world fall apart

My wish is to be with you
Even death crossed me through
When i realised my love is you
My happiness is when you realised too

MorNinG bReeZe...

Although i am the morning breeze
Cyclones and hurricanes are at my feet
Struggling to shield myself from them
To come to you across the street

Through out my life i'll compromise
Because The hope within me is tight...
I thought my life is a fairy tale
But i still struggle with the reality fight

InComPleTe DesTinY...

In this painful solitude of mine
In the dark I hear the wind hissing
In my mind the numerous thoughts I ponder
In this horrible heart, I find something missing

These horrible nightmares appear to me
As I walk in the pool of blood
I wish all these were the lies
Or bury my soul into deep mud

UnkNowN IdeNtiTy...

I pasted permanently an artificial smile
And i find it hard to leave behind
I'm just a girl next door whom you know
But i'm not the girl whom you thought so

Some people don't care i exist
Some people only know i'm a mix
So many events have passed my life
Don't know still my own rights

I fElt In LovE aGaiN...

Alone i sit with lonely memories
Wondering how life made me feel cheated
Passing the past that had killed me
Facing finally the mistakes that i created

At the end of the day, my heart broken
For my every move, i kept thinking
Eating my soul, enjoying my flesh
Not knowing the fact that my heart is sinking

ImpRisOneD EmoTioNs...

Imprisonned in this painful emotions
So painful i have nowhere to run
Soul shrunken, heart blacks & blues
I can only see my life's dead end

Surrounded by incredible worries
Choked by oxygen, suffocated to death
Tightful agonies torture me every second
The only way is to pray for my breathe

Is TheRe An EnD tO mY PaiN?

My heart does not stop bleeding
Whenever your face comes in front
Veins knotted my fist tightened
The pain you give can never end

Anger overshadows my soul
Helas! I still cry your name
Temper rises in my mind
Why are you doing the same?

Why I SheD mY TeaRs?

All my hidden tears
All my feelings inside
All my pains that passed by
All i want is die

Broken down each day
None has nothing to say
All my dreams washed away
I hope there will be a way

I am YouR StrEngTh...

Day and night i pray
For you to find a way
You should know to fight
Noone next to you will stay

With the best i can
To pull you out from agony
Have i failed in my effort?
To bring a smile in thee

You! My LaSt WiSh...

Gloomy mood, I can never forget
How I wish we had never met
Battling my thoughts every day or two
Yet can’t take my mind off you

Within my palms will hold your face
Don’t know when, where & which place?
Trust me; my love is so so true
This love will unite me with you

I wiLl Be ThEre...

When things are dark I'm always there
To hold your hands following you everywhere
Ease away your sorrows, lend you my shoulder
To keep you sane till you get older

Many times we accuse & fight like hell
But that increased our love as well
Those silly fights we often do
Make me miss you and my affection grew

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