Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No one will replace youuuuuuuu

Walking by the edge of life
Not knowing which side to fall
Hoping u would catch me on time
As I jump against the wall

Unaware of what awaits me
Closing my eyes as I drift
Fully relying on you, baby
Holding me is what u did

Lonely me...

The day my eyes set on you
Pulled you into my world
The one I felt so true
Soulmate who made me swirl

Different lies told by you
Sound like truth within my heart
Yet my presence always there
When loneliness tore you apart

Come back

Where have u gone ?
My soul is torn
Leaving me on the lurch
My heart is worn.

Have u concluded?
Ur love for me is dead
Have u decided?
It was hanging on a thread

WhY aM Afraid ????????

Why am I Afraid To LoSe YoU wHeN YoU'rE NoT EvEn MiNe

HolDinG The FutUrE

This undestined future blindly
That my past missed out terribly
Only my experiences spoke
The Almighty saved it for me

The desire to survive
Had long left from me
Darkness surrounds only
Everyday i live scarily

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