Sunday, November 15, 2009

Will never sacrifice youU

I’m destined to fight the sorrows
To love you peacefully tomorrow
Doubling my pains with yours
Silently weeping in the shore

Bearing heavily all the faults
The faults committed by you
To see the joy appearing on your face
Sleeping on knife I’m ready to do

Seeing you in my eyes & mind
Trying to believe your every smile
Sacrificing you I can never do
Deep sufferance is I always knew

Everyday dying in reality & dream
But can never see you go away
For you, my ultimate soulmate
Loving you is what I do all day


Quit playing games with my heartz

My heart worships you deeply
While my eyes says you betray me
My lonely soul cries out to you
What I see can never be

Killing me you never stop
Whipping me with the tear drop
Corrupting my feelings is your game
Becoz all you want is the fame

This though I know from the start
Yet I refused to listen my heart
Since you pierced with cupid’s arrow
Where my mind leads, I follow!

I wish to reverse my time
To get stronger when I meet you
To roll days I spent behind
And dodge away the arrows u threw


Please make me happy again

Each day spent with you
Plunged me into happiness
But when reality struck me
Push me into deep sadness

Having a contagious smile
Addicting me to the core
Puts me on seventh heaven
None can do this anymore

Feeling low never will I
When you exist around
Flying on the cloud nine
Like a merry-go-round

Words uttered by you
Are sweetest ever heard!
Heavenly is your voice
Lingering my ears for 7 births.

Am i a loser???

I have always felt on an alien street
Loneliness dragged me by its feet
With no one to save me in pity
I went mercilessly into this city

I tried with my existing effort
Failure seems to blindfold me

The harder I struggled for it

The deeper I felt into the pit

Hopes seem to blur its way
As days passed on into each day

Boldly I want to let go the strain

‘Nothing’ is the only result I gain

Loudly I want to scream
Thinking I have won your love

Remembering I live in devil’s den
Who snatched away my only heaven

The hurts I possess never ending
Where emotions & feelings exist
Wound on wound affects me more
Plunging my life into painful horror!


When will you see how much i care???

Have i missed out anything?
When u didn’t hear the song I sing
Is it becoz you are more grieved?
Everything abt me u refused to believe.

With your presence in my existence
Blindfolded you all that I do
I do not need a whole lifetime
To prove myself you are mine

As you detach from me every inch
Brings me closer to you my prince
Turning blind to your every move
The only way my love I can prove

Ready to lend you my shoulder
If a tear escapes your eyes
My warm chest will guarantee you
An embrace at every plight


Ever leave me

I have known loving you
Tho’ you are far away long
I have known missing you
As this separation getting strong

Every night dreaming of you
Dreaming that u will stay
But in real my breathings stop
If you leave me for one day

Giving my everything for us
But will never give you up
With one leg I will stand
Just once to hold your hand

It’s been too long I have waited
Waited for you with eternal love
Wanting to embrace you sweetheart
My man God sent from above


You alone can make me live

Will my tears be seen by you?
Tears shed for you in my world
Will my heart be mended by you?
Broken heart belonging to this girl

Ur image dwelling in sleep
Asking me to live for you
But how can I if only I weep?
When no smile ever I knew

If ever I find a solution
To bring a smile on you
The question I keep ponder
What my love for you will do

Coming to me is the only way
To keep me survive till last
With no choice you leave to me
I found a solution atlast!

Will u feel my pain???

Lungs inhaled waiting to scream
Brain frozen willing to die
Heart bled red hurt by you
Living but inside I’m fried

My gaze continues to search
The living you I treasure
With eyes wept wet at night
Thinking of you, crying in pleasure

Will slitting my wrist satisfy you?
Unaware my heart is slit into two
Oozing slowly the mess inside
The messes that i had abide

Should I live in pain before I die
Is my love so fragile that makes me cry
Will you show a way to end this grief
For loved by you is my belief

Dying for you happily

I love you with all my heart
Approaching you with my every part
But you paid no heed at all
Did not catch me when I fall

Deserting me when I waited
Blaming me when I’m wounded
Never have I stooped so low
Yet accepting the love u throw

Death is the only I want
In your arms I’ll lay my head
For death would turn out sweet
When it comes to be under your feet

Literally my soul taken away
Ripping off cruelly by you
My heart bleeding heavily
At last, I can see the heaven thru’


Will never let go......

As the moon shines bright
With thoughts of you raised high
My heart skips a beat
From my lips escaped a sigh

The feelings brought by you
Melting the lover in me
The promises I always cling on
Forever it meant to be

Loving you is the most beautiful
Bearing the pain with a smile
Loved by you is the bonus
Achieved by me in 1000 miles

Walked-in by you into my life
Filling up the void in me
A true blessing in disguise
Attracting me like a bee!


If you could see inside meeee

If my soul is so transparent
My heart is crystal clear
With memories buried inside
Showing I cherish u so dear

Comforting you in my own way
Holding u one day I may
Protecting u always I do
Chasing ur fear before you knew

Thousand meanings uttered by ur words
The tone, the moan most beautiful on earth
Are these the reason I love you?
Reasons within reasons meant to be true!

Even if I scan this world
Never will I find another you
Walking to end of this earth
Never will I love anyone than you


Silently I am suffering...Pain

Silently my tears flow
To define my lonely pain

The suffering I endure

Silently pronouncing ur name

Silently I am hiding
Insolently within me
Silently not silent enough
Painfully I weep for thee

The silent nights I’m awake
With silent thoughts around me
Hoping no one should see
The silent tears I shed freely

A wounded heart I possess
Silently breaking apart
To reveal the grieves inside
Piercing me as sharp as dart


My Sec0Nd InnInGzzz

Seems like yesterday
Each time I close my eyes
your laughter ringing my ears
Your sweet words pricks me like ice

This is felt by me only
The romantic anger in thee
The songs sung to court me
Those magic moments exceptionally

Second inning of my life
Started with your entrance
Din't know i deserve You
But i know my love is true

No loneliness was felt in crowd
Though all eyes were only on us
Jealousy exists every where
But your arms assured me much

eVeR sAy No!!!!!!

Is this the way u care enough?
I don't seem to have a single clue
When you made me so down and low
Why can't you see, am i so flu?

Our lives are two of a kind
The best i give for the solutions unfind
All these efforts for you i do
Not to break the bond but to bind

The reality seems bitter let us put aside
Wanting the old days back take me that side
Trying to forget the unpleasant moments
Which should vanish away to the unknown end

Is something wrong dont know where we go
Many vague dreams tho' our souls din't show
Want you forever as i met you before
Hold me in your arms don't ever say no!

Remaining in my dreamz

My lids shut down, trying to sleep
Memories of you running so deep
Transforming from thoughts to dreams
In my slumber, for you I weep

On you my eyes have set
Remembering the first day we met
Since then I never left you
Silently loving you, in joy & in blue

Crying out for you, in sadness & sorrows
Hoping u will cry like this tomorrow
Is it destined that I alone should suffer?
Will u know the taste of my tears that flow!

Holding me tight, never let me go
My world is you, is what I show
Waking up from the sudden dream
Without you beside, my grieves grow more!


You mean everything to me

You are the answer to my lonely prayer
You are an angel from above

I was so lonely till you came to me
With the wonder of your love.

I don't know how I ever lived before

You are my life, my destiny

Oh my darling, I love you so
You mean everything to me

If you should ever, ever go away

There would be lonely tears to cry
The sun above would be never shine again
There would be teardrops in the sky

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be
Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be

Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

- Neil Sedaka -

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