Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doubt : Am I nOt ThE oNe?

(The below two poems are gifted ones! wanna share with you)

I miss you
I think you know why I do
So many thoughts have skipped my mind
But I have not fallen in this time
I won’t deceive or trick you, I’ll be true
But I’ll be honest, I’m not right for you
I will never be perfect beneath this sun
And I cannot live to know, I’m not the One

I read your poetry at night
Some make me smile, some bring tears to my eyes
While I am away I wish I knew you before
You could have had my heart if it had never torn
But I cannot fall in this time
I can’t lie to myself tonight
You want another and I am never worth your love
I know why I am not your One

I remember our dance last night
I remember how to say goodbye
Will I ever get through this pain?
Somehow I wonder if I can ever love again
But I’ve been broken plenty of times
I’m still too young to cry
I keep falling into the lie
Why can’t I be her tonight?
When I look for others I find none
All I want is to be the One

To be with you
But to not be lied to
Will I ever find someone
To make me their only One?

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