Thursday, December 17, 2009

I tried and tried

I tried and tried to fit in.But in the end, Id get rejected,Over and over again.I want the chance to get in,But in the end, Id get left in the rain.Is it wrong if I say I give up?Is it wrong if I say enough is enough?Cause no matter what I do,I couldnt be on the other side,The other side, with you.

'm sTanDing Her3 aLon3

I'm sTanDing Her3 aLon3 wHeRe YoU LeFt M3 i ThiNk I'Ve RuN OuT AgAin,RuN OuT oF ThInGs To SaY,THiNgS To Do,THInGs To THiNk AbOuT YoU AbOuT Me.i FiNd My SeLf QuIeT,

BroKEn HeaRT tO mEnd...

Along the stream under the cruel falls
Amist the thick forest my broken heart calls
Entangled in thorns bruised and worse
Yet my bitter past I never want to lose

Each time I begin to relate my story
The story full of cracks n crushes along
With flame in my gaze n Ice in my veins
Yet my heart beats warm for the life it gains

Is My L0ve DyiNG?

Only my pillow knows
My salty tears that flow
Soaking the pages of my diary
And the fear in my heart grows

The terrifying horror around
With my soul made of gold
Laid on my marble skin
My story remains unfold

SpeCiAl W0rlD...

A special world for you and me
Nobody knows and no-one can see
Warming its emotions in the cocoon
Makes us crazy like the two fools

The space enlarges as we love more
Holding us tight by the sea-shore
Floating on air immersed in desire
Hugging in ecstasy though lay on fire

I aM DyiNg...

For all the love I gave
You returned my broken heart
For all the trust I show
You stamped me like a doormat

The emotions and feelings I displayed
You misused them to the core
The life I re-constructed for you
You want to see me dead even more

A rAre LinK 0v L0ve...

'Falling' in love is never I do
'Rising' in love because it's true
There are thorns and spines on my path
But somehow I found my way through

The courage I felt in me
Is the fears I want to set free
But my heart is still floating
By my tears that you cannot see

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