Monday, November 16, 2009

AIO Tm: am In LovE...AlSo!

I can feel your thoughts
Which cries out to me
Deep down in my heart
Your love meant to be

The desires & passions we share
Has taken me far to you
The non-stop tears we bear
Had paved my way thru’

Wonderful intimacy we possess
Knows no limit like the sky
Isn’t it a beautiful thing?
Accompanying us side by side

Grateful for the ecstatic moments
Given by you so very dear
Dawn of this incredible love
Appeared to me so crystal clear!


AIO Tm: My angel, come to me

My angel, don’t ever leave me
I’m confused, alone & carefree
Cruel darkness surrounding me
With blindness capture me totally

Hot fire has already died down
By the blow of gentle breeze’s howl
Left me wandering in loneliness
With painful sorrows, on my own

Sadness gripped my bleeding heart
Echoing your name in my ears
Melody of my love is fading
Grieves & tears is all I bear

Maddening silence captured me
Needing your warm embrace
Emptiness within, causing despair
Please make me whole again by your grace


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