Thursday, December 31, 2009

WhY thIS hAPpeNs tO Me???

Why this happened to me?
When all i do is for you
Do I appear so silly?
For being in love so true

To me you are my Greek God
The eyes that pierce do deeply
Your hair stroke by my fingers
The sight of you weakens me easily!

I die to be wanted by you
As much as you are wanted by me
Very close that no air passes
In the sky we fly freely

Whenever you utter my name
I feel the whole heaven on earth
The joy you bring to my heart
This minute a death for you is worth

LoVe Me FoR a ReaSOn

You think I have everything
That I can buy on this planet
But if I dont have your love
The whole world I will reject

Accept me the way I am
Understand me as much as you can
Love me for the person in me
Treat me like you want me to be

The money I possess can be shared
Many things I give will show I'm there
But when I search for what I need
Noone except you will pay any heed

Love me please from inside out
Don't neglect me and leave me without
Wake up with me and make my day
Brighten my heart by promise you will stay

Sunday, December 27, 2009

JusT A DreAm...

It was a dream but it looks so real
It's exactly what i want and what i feel
Touching a face, i caress it lightly
The face that wounded me, i want to heal

The soft skin of it against my hands
I knew it was you, it wasn't blank
My vision covered with my messed hair
you slide it away, as i fixed my stare

It'S liKe 1sT Day...

Your face makes me alive in my dreams
Beautify my being like springfalls
My heart cries for you like it seems
Want you to catch me when i fall

It looks like yesterday we met
My disturbing stranger i saw in you
Your companionship is what i get
Your approach towards me was new

Gone is a year today I gather
The year filled with tears and glee
The struggle to keep you forever
Only my God and noone can ever see

Everything you do is what i miss
From the 1st day to ten years and so on
When we are older and turn back to see
My love will be as fresh as rose with no thorns

One Way TraCK...

So tired that I couldn't even sleep,
So many secrets I couldn't keep,
Promise myself I wouldn't weep,
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now,
I'm in too deep there's no way out,
This time I really can't see a way
Have lead myself finally astray

Can you help me remember how to smile,
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile,
How on earth did I get so jaded,
Life's mystery seems so faded

Runaway train never going back,
Wrong way on a one way track,
Seems like I should be getting somewhere,
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Now that I have loved so purely and deeply, I have realized how lonely I really am

Now that I have loved so purely and deeply, I have realized how lonely I really am Read more...

"Somewhere there is someone that dreams of your smile,

"Somewhere there is someone that dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile, so when you are lonely remember it’s true, someone somewhere is thinking of you.”

I still love you with every broken piece

I still love you with every broken piece of my heart. I'm still wondering why you took it, then tore it apart. I wonder what I did wrong, that made you let me go. I'm still hoping that one day, you will let me know ....

I'll always be beside you until the very end,

I'll always be beside you until the very end, wiping all your tears away, being your best friend. I'll smile when you smile and feel all the pain you do, and if you cry a single tear, I promise I'll cry too Read more...

I fear not the Tears and Pain

I fear not the Tears and Pain; I fear the loss of your Love and trust. I fear not the darkness in the Night; I fear God keeps you away from my sight Read more...

i GiVe My BLooD To KeEp YoUr RoSeS ReD

i GiVe My BLooD To KeEp YoUr RoSeS ReD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My 0nlY ReaS0n...

Imperfect as I am
Wish to undo many things
Always a student in life
Never I've stopped learning

Unintentionally things I do
That hurt ands always wound you
I regret my childish deeds
That often push you in blue

F0r l0ve's SakE...

Tired, sick of this feeling
This dark n cruel loneliness
Can't sleep staring at the ceiling
Like a semi-dead tigress

Alive again when the phone rings
Empty smile appears on my face
But this duration is for a while
Like my heart comes back from a race

ThE UltIMate IdeAL L0ve...

The pleasant moments we spent
It's not a phase but a legend
Little things we shared n yearned
It's the unfaded treasure we've earned

Helas! why should it change today
It has affected us in a special way
Those behaviours that arise inspite
Are what I found from your eyes

ThEr'S 0nLY 0Ne liFE...

There's no more my heart can take
Always a second chance I want to make
Now it has become three, if it turns four
I will go away for I cant bear more

I can't rule your life for you
The choice is yours with what you do
Inside I have but nothing left
In times of love it feels like death

I'm only human, wanting more joy
Don't treat me like I'm just a toy
I hope from now you'll think of me
Through this distance, in love's loyalty

L0ve So PuRe...

The pulse beats hard my veins
At every thought in my brain
Every single breathe I take
Results in every smile I make

Each twinkle of my eyes
Dropping each tear till I die
In every dream of my sleep
Like in spring the freshest leaves

You NevEr TauGHt Me....

My eternal desire is to hold you
But it seems to me so hard to do
Is something wrong with my love?
I tried alot to reason it out

Every single day i made an effort
Yet i found myself lacking the force
Finally i lay on bed in pathetic pain
My love increases but nothing i gain


PaiN pAIn ! Go AwaY!!!!

O pain, please spare me pain
Don't make me cry for you in vain
Crystal tears freezing my face
However i pretend, it leaves a trace

Does love teach him not to ever care?
Does love teach him that life isn't fair?
Can my love enjoy breaking my heart?
Is it my fault if we are far apart?

If I CoulD Go BacK....

If I could go back to my time
The innocence of my past
And I could hold it tight
The wonderful present would last

I'd cherish my every moment
Bring closer to my heart
And enjoy it to my fill
Where my happiness will never part


The ReaS0n iS YoU...

Nobody is perfect here
Neither am I! why whine?
Wish i could go back to my past
And re-make everything fine

Things I never meant to do
Things I never meant to hurt you
Wish I could rewind my life
Then I could be your wife

LimiTleSs MisEry....

I wonder why i live under the sky
Life is so miserable i only cry
No precious moments that i can feel
Dying is only way that would be real

The hurt in my eyes escaped everyone
My tears that flow look to them like fun
They pay no heed in what i do
Heartless they seem to me in blues

WheRe WiLl i Go?

I do not know where will i go
Where no-one can find me hiding so
Seeking the peace that's in my heart
Trying to find the righteous path

I do not know where will i go
So that the fake laugh I can show
But bitter tears wetting my cheeks
In death alone my life will greet

My BroKen HeaRt...

Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
This is destined to me from the start
When you utter the word "Forever"
Somehow within me i'm convinced as "Never"

Each word you say with a sincere tone
But why do my heart feel so alone?
As day and night i think of you
My face is wet with tears like dew

WeePinG Is My LifE...

Sitting alone on this bench
With wind shuffling my hair
The ducks swimming on the pond
But my gaze staring into the air

Things around me move faster
They dont need me to participate
Then Why these things affect me?
When I cant cope-up to wait

IntErNet LovE...

Love's not easy on the Internet
Words of honesty is hard to melt
Love needs eyes and hands to be felt
Only hurts rest but no joy to get

Lovers cant reach through this opaque screen
Emotions and feelings are freezening
Yet they rely on net to express what is felt
When they can't calm down the anger by caressing

DarKeNed ShAdows

Threatening shadows
Come behind me
To worsen my fear
Of being lonely

This shadow doesnt protect me
Neither it brightened my smile
But it's only a dark shadow
Horrifying me for a while

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Th0rNY PatH

This path is never ending
Paved with golden dreams
Hopes at the day's beginning
But failure has walked in!

This path has always been cruel
Where you walk with a fake smile
Searching for a place to dwell
But it's far from you for miles!

mY BroKEn HeaRt....

Brutally my heart is broken
Where its shape & form is gone
It has been stamped and crushed
But the throbbing in it is on

My heart is in fragments
I tried in vain to fix it up
For the little pieces are lost
From the result of many erupts

F0reVer C0nnEctEd

The moments we spent together
The stars in the sky smiled ever
Umpteen things we had shared
Proved every phase we were paired

The person grown-up within me
Is influenced by the love in THEE
The prince that shines more in you
Is proudly powered by ME too!

LoVe TuNe

Recalling each and every memories
Under the moonlight's steaks
The undreamt dreams I make
Carve the path with my shrieks

Searching the hidden dreams
Dreams are not dreams without you
Looking above high for the stars
This moon cannot shine in blues

StonE WiLl SheD a TeaR

Cant hide the tears i shed
They reflect my feelings inside
The pains borns from it
They kill me when i'm alive

My life shrinks down everyday
There's nothing left to say
If there be a magic to take me away
So that i can be happy my way

MidNigHt FanTasY

Twisting on my large bed
Indulged in the thoughts of you
Wishing you in my blanket
Covering you with love that grew

Your melodious voice haunting
Echoing my name each time
Your gaze that scans my being
Burns me in this passionate flame

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I tried and tried

I tried and tried to fit in.But in the end, Id get rejected,Over and over again.I want the chance to get in,But in the end, Id get left in the rain.Is it wrong if I say I give up?Is it wrong if I say enough is enough?Cause no matter what I do,I couldnt be on the other side,The other side, with you.

'm sTanDing Her3 aLon3

I'm sTanDing Her3 aLon3 wHeRe YoU LeFt M3 i ThiNk I'Ve RuN OuT AgAin,RuN OuT oF ThInGs To SaY,THiNgS To Do,THInGs To THiNk AbOuT YoU AbOuT Me.i FiNd My SeLf QuIeT,

BroKEn HeaRT tO mEnd...

Along the stream under the cruel falls
Amist the thick forest my broken heart calls
Entangled in thorns bruised and worse
Yet my bitter past I never want to lose

Each time I begin to relate my story
The story full of cracks n crushes along
With flame in my gaze n Ice in my veins
Yet my heart beats warm for the life it gains

Is My L0ve DyiNG?

Only my pillow knows
My salty tears that flow
Soaking the pages of my diary
And the fear in my heart grows

The terrifying horror around
With my soul made of gold
Laid on my marble skin
My story remains unfold

SpeCiAl W0rlD...

A special world for you and me
Nobody knows and no-one can see
Warming its emotions in the cocoon
Makes us crazy like the two fools

The space enlarges as we love more
Holding us tight by the sea-shore
Floating on air immersed in desire
Hugging in ecstasy though lay on fire

I aM DyiNg...

For all the love I gave
You returned my broken heart
For all the trust I show
You stamped me like a doormat

The emotions and feelings I displayed
You misused them to the core
The life I re-constructed for you
You want to see me dead even more

A rAre LinK 0v L0ve...

'Falling' in love is never I do
'Rising' in love because it's true
There are thorns and spines on my path
But somehow I found my way through

The courage I felt in me
Is the fears I want to set free
But my heart is still floating
By my tears that you cannot see

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No one will replace youuuuuuuu

Walking by the edge of life
Not knowing which side to fall
Hoping u would catch me on time
As I jump against the wall

Unaware of what awaits me
Closing my eyes as I drift
Fully relying on you, baby
Holding me is what u did

Lonely me...

The day my eyes set on you
Pulled you into my world
The one I felt so true
Soulmate who made me swirl

Different lies told by you
Sound like truth within my heart
Yet my presence always there
When loneliness tore you apart

Come back

Where have u gone ?
My soul is torn
Leaving me on the lurch
My heart is worn.

Have u concluded?
Ur love for me is dead
Have u decided?
It was hanging on a thread

WhY aM Afraid ????????

Why am I Afraid To LoSe YoU wHeN YoU'rE NoT EvEn MiNe

HolDinG The FutUrE

This undestined future blindly
That my past missed out terribly
Only my experiences spoke
The Almighty saved it for me

The desire to survive
Had long left from me
Darkness surrounds only
Everyday i live scarily

Sunday, December 13, 2009

WhY Me????????

Living a life with so much pain
Facing my fate with no shame
Crying lonely tears whenever I pray
Seeking refuge by howling in vain

People move on leaving you behind
Once again solitude grips you so fine
Each time you want to mingle in crowd
Empty space you find beside you proud

PaiNs 0f L0ve

Never felt this kind of pain
In the marrow of my bones
Flying like a lonely dove
Into the night starry but alone

Tasting the fruit of a broken heart
Depriving me from every joy
No words could ever express
The constant distress I employed

Friday, December 11, 2009

My LaSt WiShzzz

Never will I break your heart
Never will I tear you apart
But will follow you everywhere
Destined to me from the start

Awake in the frightful night
Drenched cold in this lonely world
Sudden thought had struck me
That I am not crying alone

ArE yOu ThErE tIlL I dIe?

What is your name?
Why are you close to me?
Why don’t you leave me?
What is your reason to be?

Why are you there when I cry?
Why are you there by my side?
Are you real or just a game?
Is “Loneliness” they call your name?

I walk alone through life's

I walk alone through life's dark night; you are my candle, my shining light

A pRoMiSiNg ToMoRrOww

Each night I cry your name
Next day I feel ashamed

For you everything I dare

My love displayed is very rare

Sitting alone in dark corner
Expecting someone to save

Screaming my soul so loud

But pretending to all I’m brave


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