Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NobOdy KnoWs How MucH I LovE yOu...

This smile that i have worn
Symbolizes that i'm torn
It was once real to me
The first time at you i see

These tears i'm shedding
Are the memories you gave in
Silently i collected them
During the days we were cherishing


It AlwAys HurTs For Me To KnoW....

It always hurts for me to know
For what I did I never know so
In loving you my pace is slow
In memories space, I have much more

It always hurts for me to know
The desires for you had been killed
My wish is empty I am not greedy
Coz all I need is your love fulfilled


EacH NigHt I SeaRch For You...

Alone i stay on silent nights
Terrifying with my own feelings
I weep my brutal tears
I dread when demon’s smiling

I try not to divert my path
Since that is chosen for me
But I stumble on the thorns
Which blindfolded me to see

You WilL nEveR uNdeRstAnD...

I don’t ever belong here
I’m so naive and clean
Those are my traces - then
Why are you so mean?

I smile broadly at everyone
But I cry within alone
I know I’m a good pretender
Right from my blood to my bone

It Has CoMe TO an End...

My journey has come to an end
No one to search me more
My flesh you’ll find in tatters
My soul will disappear to the core

My destiny has been written
It has only you and me
But you have crushed it flat
No shape can i actually see

If You WeRe My ValEntIne...

If you were my valentine
I’d warm you with blue sky
I’d be your moonlight
To brighten your nights

I’d bring the striking star
That shoots down for you
I’d give up my desires
To make your dreams come true

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