Monday, February 8, 2010

I lOveYou WitH All My HeaRt...

In you I see so many things
In you I dream all I think
Of you my heart froze to snow
By you my life becomes spring

In you I feel falsely blessed
For you I don’t want the rest
With you I live my lonely day
By you my soul becomes gay

SaRch InsIde You...

Does it look that I’m so bad?
Coz I claim for s’thing I never had
My skull thunders like mad
Coz my heart is always sad

Morning noon & night time too
All I do is think of you
Before life discard me ever
Will you know what I do?

WhO ArE YoU?

Burning daily in this torture
The grief I always feel the same
I cannot accuse anyone
Yet I seem to get the blame

When looked onto the sky
I see sad face turns grey
And I’m fried in this flame
The fault is who’s I can’t say

ForBidDen LovE...

My dreams realised as i see you
They are so beautiful I never knew
I wonder if you feel the same too!
Or you never noticed what they do?

I perform whatever you say
And inwardly I silently pray
In your words my future lies
In this pain my hurt never dies

TakE Me wiTh You...

My knees bruised kneeling to the Almighty
Begging each day to bring you back
Even the Lord fails to convince you
No power can move you from your track

I wonder each second why you left me
After showing such affection blindly
Isn’t it cruel to pamper me in this ‘state’
You showed me the colors-filled-world with grace

I'll DiE aT yOuR fEeT

Walking with you, thru’ all the valleys
To see a single smile, I’m ready to dare
Horrible caves, and deep dungeons
Are nothing to me, because you are there

Seeing you sad, is what I never want
They call me mad, for the love I own
If Lord knows me, He’ll reward me soon
He’ll make you happy, by using this moon

My Air Is You..

When i look up into the air
Your intense breathe blew my hair
I wait for those wonderful moments
The romantic times that I share

Looking into your deep eyes
I know I’m never wrong
The path I took was right
I will never travel alone

I am Me...

Hard to find another Me
Unique in heart especially
Imaginations filled with dreams
With all I’m in harmony

Hope is what I do
Love is my other name
Comfort you by my hugs
My tears will be the same

LoVe In My HeaRt...

Oh my darling, to view your sight
I waited for so many days
Dreams O Dreams, eyes dint sleep
I forgot all my ways

In your heart, the chilly snow time
In your eyes, the burning summer
In your love, the thick rainy season
In front of me, u are clung as pleasure

DoN't InCoMpLeTe Me...

Without you I’m incomplete
For you I accept defeat
One thing remains the fact
You widen in my heart the crack

In you my search stopped
At every passing moment
The day I set on you my eyes
Till then I will never die

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