Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Th0rNY PatH

This path is never ending
Paved with golden dreams
Hopes at the day's beginning
But failure has walked in!

This path has always been cruel
Where you walk with a fake smile
Searching for a place to dwell
But it's far from you for miles!

mY BroKEn HeaRt....

Brutally my heart is broken
Where its shape & form is gone
It has been stamped and crushed
But the throbbing in it is on

My heart is in fragments
I tried in vain to fix it up
For the little pieces are lost
From the result of many erupts

F0reVer C0nnEctEd

The moments we spent together
The stars in the sky smiled ever
Umpteen things we had shared
Proved every phase we were paired

The person grown-up within me
Is influenced by the love in THEE
The prince that shines more in you
Is proudly powered by ME too!

LoVe TuNe

Recalling each and every memories
Under the moonlight's steaks
The undreamt dreams I make
Carve the path with my shrieks

Searching the hidden dreams
Dreams are not dreams without you
Looking above high for the stars
This moon cannot shine in blues

StonE WiLl SheD a TeaR

Cant hide the tears i shed
They reflect my feelings inside
The pains borns from it
They kill me when i'm alive

My life shrinks down everyday
There's nothing left to say
If there be a magic to take me away
So that i can be happy my way

MidNigHt FanTasY

Twisting on my large bed
Indulged in the thoughts of you
Wishing you in my blanket
Covering you with love that grew

Your melodious voice haunting
Echoing my name each time
Your gaze that scans my being
Burns me in this passionate flame

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