Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doubt : Am I nOt ThE oNe?

(The below two poems are gifted ones! wanna share with you)

I miss you
I think you know why I do
So many thoughts have skipped my mind
But I have not fallen in this time
I won’t deceive or trick you, I’ll be true
But I’ll be honest, I’m not right for you
I will never be perfect beneath this sun
And I cannot live to know, I’m not the One

I read your poetry at night
Some make me smile, some bring tears to my eyes
While I am away I wish I knew you before
You could have had my heart if it had never torn
But I cannot fall in this time
I can’t lie to myself tonight
You want another and I am never worth your love
I know why I am not your One

I remember our dance last night
I remember how to say goodbye
Will I ever get through this pain?
Somehow I wonder if I can ever love again
But I’ve been broken plenty of times
I’m still too young to cry
I keep falling into the lie
Why can’t I be her tonight?
When I look for others I find none
All I want is to be the One

To be with you
But to not be lied to
Will I ever find someone
To make me their only One?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Prayer : AllAh, I RelY oN U

Allah I rely in you
The faith when I’m blue
You designed me this
You’ll make me smile thru

Whatever happens to me
I know you have a reason
In You I place my trust
My ultimate destination

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Despair : Is It My FaUlT???

Can’t find you when i need you
Suddenly vanished into the thin air?
No trace of you but your thoughts
Waiting by me here and there

Where are moments of our laughs?
You took away along with you?
Leaving nothing but painful grieves
To me especially who loves you true

Victim of this handicapped situation
Caused by you by this emptiness
Is this temporary or permanent?
Unanswered questions create this mess

Monday, November 16, 2009

AIO Tm: am In LovE...AlSo!

I can feel your thoughts
Which cries out to me
Deep down in my heart
Your love meant to be

The desires & passions we share
Has taken me far to you
The non-stop tears we bear
Had paved my way thru’

Wonderful intimacy we possess
Knows no limit like the sky
Isn’t it a beautiful thing?
Accompanying us side by side

Grateful for the ecstatic moments
Given by you so very dear
Dawn of this incredible love
Appeared to me so crystal clear!


AIO Tm: My angel, come to me

My angel, don’t ever leave me
I’m confused, alone & carefree
Cruel darkness surrounding me
With blindness capture me totally

Hot fire has already died down
By the blow of gentle breeze’s howl
Left me wandering in loneliness
With painful sorrows, on my own

Sadness gripped my bleeding heart
Echoing your name in my ears
Melody of my love is fading
Grieves & tears is all I bear

Maddening silence captured me
Needing your warm embrace
Emptiness within, causing despair
Please make me whole again by your grace


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Will never sacrifice youU

I’m destined to fight the sorrows
To love you peacefully tomorrow
Doubling my pains with yours
Silently weeping in the shore

Bearing heavily all the faults
The faults committed by you
To see the joy appearing on your face
Sleeping on knife I’m ready to do

Seeing you in my eyes & mind
Trying to believe your every smile
Sacrificing you I can never do
Deep sufferance is I always knew

Everyday dying in reality & dream
But can never see you go away
For you, my ultimate soulmate
Loving you is what I do all day


Quit playing games with my heartz

My heart worships you deeply
While my eyes says you betray me
My lonely soul cries out to you
What I see can never be

Killing me you never stop
Whipping me with the tear drop
Corrupting my feelings is your game
Becoz all you want is the fame

This though I know from the start
Yet I refused to listen my heart
Since you pierced with cupid’s arrow
Where my mind leads, I follow!

I wish to reverse my time
To get stronger when I meet you
To roll days I spent behind
And dodge away the arrows u threw


Please make me happy again

Each day spent with you
Plunged me into happiness
But when reality struck me
Push me into deep sadness

Having a contagious smile
Addicting me to the core
Puts me on seventh heaven
None can do this anymore

Feeling low never will I
When you exist around
Flying on the cloud nine
Like a merry-go-round

Words uttered by you
Are sweetest ever heard!
Heavenly is your voice
Lingering my ears for 7 births.

Am i a loser???

I have always felt on an alien street
Loneliness dragged me by its feet
With no one to save me in pity
I went mercilessly into this city

I tried with my existing effort
Failure seems to blindfold me

The harder I struggled for it

The deeper I felt into the pit

Hopes seem to blur its way
As days passed on into each day

Boldly I want to let go the strain

‘Nothing’ is the only result I gain

Loudly I want to scream
Thinking I have won your love

Remembering I live in devil’s den
Who snatched away my only heaven

The hurts I possess never ending
Where emotions & feelings exist
Wound on wound affects me more
Plunging my life into painful horror!


When will you see how much i care???

Have i missed out anything?
When u didn’t hear the song I sing
Is it becoz you are more grieved?
Everything abt me u refused to believe.

With your presence in my existence
Blindfolded you all that I do
I do not need a whole lifetime
To prove myself you are mine

As you detach from me every inch
Brings me closer to you my prince
Turning blind to your every move
The only way my love I can prove

Ready to lend you my shoulder
If a tear escapes your eyes
My warm chest will guarantee you
An embrace at every plight


Ever leave me

I have known loving you
Tho’ you are far away long
I have known missing you
As this separation getting strong

Every night dreaming of you
Dreaming that u will stay
But in real my breathings stop
If you leave me for one day

Giving my everything for us
But will never give you up
With one leg I will stand
Just once to hold your hand

It’s been too long I have waited
Waited for you with eternal love
Wanting to embrace you sweetheart
My man God sent from above


You alone can make me live

Will my tears be seen by you?
Tears shed for you in my world
Will my heart be mended by you?
Broken heart belonging to this girl

Ur image dwelling in sleep
Asking me to live for you
But how can I if only I weep?
When no smile ever I knew

If ever I find a solution
To bring a smile on you
The question I keep ponder
What my love for you will do

Coming to me is the only way
To keep me survive till last
With no choice you leave to me
I found a solution atlast!

Will u feel my pain???

Lungs inhaled waiting to scream
Brain frozen willing to die
Heart bled red hurt by you
Living but inside I’m fried

My gaze continues to search
The living you I treasure
With eyes wept wet at night
Thinking of you, crying in pleasure

Will slitting my wrist satisfy you?
Unaware my heart is slit into two
Oozing slowly the mess inside
The messes that i had abide

Should I live in pain before I die
Is my love so fragile that makes me cry
Will you show a way to end this grief
For loved by you is my belief

Dying for you happily

I love you with all my heart
Approaching you with my every part
But you paid no heed at all
Did not catch me when I fall

Deserting me when I waited
Blaming me when I’m wounded
Never have I stooped so low
Yet accepting the love u throw

Death is the only I want
In your arms I’ll lay my head
For death would turn out sweet
When it comes to be under your feet

Literally my soul taken away
Ripping off cruelly by you
My heart bleeding heavily
At last, I can see the heaven thru’


Will never let go......

As the moon shines bright
With thoughts of you raised high
My heart skips a beat
From my lips escaped a sigh

The feelings brought by you
Melting the lover in me
The promises I always cling on
Forever it meant to be

Loving you is the most beautiful
Bearing the pain with a smile
Loved by you is the bonus
Achieved by me in 1000 miles

Walked-in by you into my life
Filling up the void in me
A true blessing in disguise
Attracting me like a bee!


If you could see inside meeee

If my soul is so transparent
My heart is crystal clear
With memories buried inside
Showing I cherish u so dear

Comforting you in my own way
Holding u one day I may
Protecting u always I do
Chasing ur fear before you knew

Thousand meanings uttered by ur words
The tone, the moan most beautiful on earth
Are these the reason I love you?
Reasons within reasons meant to be true!

Even if I scan this world
Never will I find another you
Walking to end of this earth
Never will I love anyone than you


Silently I am suffering...Pain

Silently my tears flow
To define my lonely pain

The suffering I endure

Silently pronouncing ur name

Silently I am hiding
Insolently within me
Silently not silent enough
Painfully I weep for thee

The silent nights I’m awake
With silent thoughts around me
Hoping no one should see
The silent tears I shed freely

A wounded heart I possess
Silently breaking apart
To reveal the grieves inside
Piercing me as sharp as dart


My Sec0Nd InnInGzzz

Seems like yesterday
Each time I close my eyes
your laughter ringing my ears
Your sweet words pricks me like ice

This is felt by me only
The romantic anger in thee
The songs sung to court me
Those magic moments exceptionally

Second inning of my life
Started with your entrance
Din't know i deserve You
But i know my love is true

No loneliness was felt in crowd
Though all eyes were only on us
Jealousy exists every where
But your arms assured me much

eVeR sAy No!!!!!!

Is this the way u care enough?
I don't seem to have a single clue
When you made me so down and low
Why can't you see, am i so flu?

Our lives are two of a kind
The best i give for the solutions unfind
All these efforts for you i do
Not to break the bond but to bind

The reality seems bitter let us put aside
Wanting the old days back take me that side
Trying to forget the unpleasant moments
Which should vanish away to the unknown end

Is something wrong dont know where we go
Many vague dreams tho' our souls din't show
Want you forever as i met you before
Hold me in your arms don't ever say no!

Remaining in my dreamz

My lids shut down, trying to sleep
Memories of you running so deep
Transforming from thoughts to dreams
In my slumber, for you I weep

On you my eyes have set
Remembering the first day we met
Since then I never left you
Silently loving you, in joy & in blue

Crying out for you, in sadness & sorrows
Hoping u will cry like this tomorrow
Is it destined that I alone should suffer?
Will u know the taste of my tears that flow!

Holding me tight, never let me go
My world is you, is what I show
Waking up from the sudden dream
Without you beside, my grieves grow more!


You mean everything to me

You are the answer to my lonely prayer
You are an angel from above

I was so lonely till you came to me
With the wonder of your love.

I don't know how I ever lived before

You are my life, my destiny

Oh my darling, I love you so
You mean everything to me

If you should ever, ever go away

There would be lonely tears to cry
The sun above would be never shine again
There would be teardrops in the sky

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be
Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be

Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

- Neil Sedaka -

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Put your head on my shoulderz

Put your head on my shoulder,
Hold me in your arms, baby,

Squeeze me, oh, so tight,

Show me,
That you love me, too.

Put your lips next to mine, dear,

Won't you kiss me once, baby?

Just a kiss goodnight,


You and I could fall in love.

People say that love's a game,

A game you just can't win,

If there's a way,

I'll find it someday

And then this fool will rush in.

Put your head on my shoulder,

Whisper in my ear, baby,

Words I want to hear,

Tell me,

Tell me that you love me, too.

- Paul Anka -

Why do you leave me???

Why aren’t you there when i need you ?
Why can’t I find when searched for you?
Disappear into the oblivion is your style
Leaving me with old memories behind.

Vanished is the smile from my face
Heartfelt spirit is what one traced
Deserting me seems a game to you
Causing pain in this heart wet blue

Handicapped I remain to be
By the vanishing act caused by thee
This often occurred in my life time
Secretly I am left grieved & pined.

Not knowing reason of this change
But staying with me caused you pain
Should I brush your thoughts aside
With great effort I tried in vain


World without yoUUU

When the imprints of my head on the pillow
Creating the dimple in its centre hole
Filled with my salty tears
Shedding for you all the night long!

If each brick could speak, that
Gathered up in my four walls
Each will tell its undying tale
Its sufferance from spring to fall.

Haunting echo of my sobs
Enclosed in the room below
Echoing from the sobs of your name
Every time I’m feeling low!

This world will one day be
Cleaned away by my sorrows
But can’t wipe away my undying love
For you, with you it will follow!


Weeping for u

As my tears create the pool below my legs
Falling & fading into the empty space
Every drop glowing crossing my knees
Cheerful, round in shape, not knowing my fate!

Losing their color & form
Within me they rush like storm
Emotionally blackmailing me
Physically they mudered me

Uncaring the effects they caused
Thumping my heart without a pause
Freezing the inner organs of my body
Snatching cruelly my soul from me.

Giggling themselves while I die inside
Washing my eyes by their lullaby
Screaming in an unknown language
Known only by me in this tender age!


How do i live without you

During the flash of a moment
When my eyes set upon you
Not wanting to miss even a span
To let go from my sight this man

Not knowing how I live
Without a thought of you
Breathing in that oxygen
Along with memories of you!

No sunshine all these days
No difference did it make
Brought by you a ray of hope
Love for you, in me I developed

Surviving is now too hard
Without you my world is dark
Baby, don’t ever leave me
My life will be like autumn tree!


Blessed with life

Desperate to happily survive
Conquering the death within
Lonely dark accompanying me
Makes my being hard to live-in

Carrying my lifeless soul
Paying no heed to what u say
Visualising my ambition
That I fear had gone astray

In search of a lively soul
To acknowledge my mind
Dying for a shining hope
Striving that I will find

Transforming to a second phase
Alluring from dark to light
An unexplained excitement
That will make my future bright


Unbreak my heartz

My love oozes out from the start
The only thing I care is your heart
U, the ultimate reason of my existence
But my feelings for you were like play cards!

Far from sight, far from mind
Is what you do, leaving me behind,
Why? I fail to understand
Waiting for you, to hold my hand.

Is loving you, the sin I committed?
Never thought that it was wrong
For I gave my heart completely
Assuming in your soul is where I belong.

But the hopes in me raised high
Beyond the sky each time I sigh,
When the cracks begin to show
There, U broke my heart in just one go!


Reason of loving you

Don’t have a reason
How much ever i try
My heart follows you
Even if u make it cry

For solely of wanting you
To shriek you are mine
Although you shoo me away
I can only blame it on time

How tough is this bond
When love makes it worse
No matter if I lose
Don’t call it a curse.

I keep wondering how it could be
When all I do is dying
Still I want to embrace it
Knowing your love makes me flying!

My only dream is u

Caught in such a fake world
With you only my reality
Seeing u mingling with them
Tho’ u seem to be my only beauty!

Everything I see in them is wrong
Everything I see in you is right
But left with an empty heart
All the feelings & emotions are tight!

Oh baby, I’m sick of crying
With no one paying any heed
Leaving me with only black n blues
Even to my love I’m of no need.

But my love for u remains fresh
Hoping every second for ur care!
The day it needs no explanation
Will be the day you’re really there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My unconditional lovez

I can walk on red hot coals for u
I can sleep on thorns for eternity too.
I can starve to death to see u smile
I can quench my thirst if u r fine!

But I can’t do what others do
To prove my love for u
But I have my stupid way
To make u smile everyday!

If others can bring u happiness
And carry u with joy untold
I’d die a thousand deaths
To call you as my own!

Each one’s love is her jewel
Decorating herself as she drew
My unconditional love is my asset
That I bear forever through!


God has created me
To be humiliated
By the one I loved
For the way im treated

Every now & then
I’m being killed
Y not shoot me once
U will be fulfilled

Alone in this world
No where to go
Being so helpless
God had chosen me so

Just like a beggar
Raising arms for help
Only to get ignored
Hated by my ownself!

U r never alone

Never will the moon feel lonely
When all its stars r around it
Never will the sky feel lonely
When its clouds always envelope it!

The branch may bend by the wild wind
But never will its leaves dessert it
Heavy rain may wash the soil deep
But never will its rainbow call it quits!

Each lonely tear u shed from ur eyes
Has come to the lonely me
For the loneliness that made u felt
Is never alone when you are with me

It’s destined that my love which is deep
The only love I reserve for thee
The love that never leaves u alone
Born from me, God will alone see!

A ray of hopez

Why is it always me?
To bear this undying pain
Does sorrow exist for free?
Or in life’s exam I failed?

Fighting through my tears
Controlling the frown on my face
Waiting for the moment to explode
Waiting the wash-out of this phase.

All the blood flow frozen
Stopping the beat of my veins
Craving to search for heaven
Tasting every drop of the rain.

Weeping morning, noon & night
Hoping from u, a sunlight
This silence is deafening
Wishing the last ray is in sight!

What have I done???

After so many months
Tho’ knowing me inside out
Blames & accuses bombarding me
Chasing me all the way.

Shocked after revealing the truth
Embarrassing me crimson red
Feeling like a worn out feather
Flying in the mid summer’s day.

Have I stooped so low?
To the eyes of my beloved
Not worth even a smile
Like a puppet in the show!

Darling! What have I done?
Is loving you a crime?
Wanting to hug u to my bossom
Wanting you in the long run!

My innermost feelingzzz

When i sit to pen down my thoughts
I get confused where to start
With brain crushed to extract my emotions
And the pierced feelings like darts.

As speed my memories travel
Even before the ink in my pen dries
They reach my love destination
To open the lids of your eyes

Jerking you from my dreams
Makes me vibrate from here
Whatever happens to you
From inner soul i shudder with fear

Laying down myself to sleep
With eyes wet by tears
But happy my heart feels
Like in front of me u appear!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I will fly

I have to pick myself up
To show the joy I have in me
Covering the leakage of my soul
The leakage of heart bleeds for thee!

Hiding that I’m fallen apart
Wounding severely to the core
With no beauty touch to patch
With no worth of my pain anymore!

Waiting for years impatiently
For a silver lining of my hope
Just a glimpse of the horizon
Showing ur smile to me in dozen

Enough of the unshed tears
Won’t let them see me cry
The promises I gave u my prince
Ur faith will make me fly!

Am i the only one???

Am i the only one,
Who thinks of u everyday?
Am I the only one,
Who trespasses ur way?

Am I the only one,
Who dreams of u in my sleep?
Am I the only one,
Who awaits ur sweet beeps?

Am I the only one,
Who weeps for u on my bed?
Am I the only one,
Who cries till my eyes r red?

Am I the only one,
Whose heart grips with pain?
Am I the only one,
Who longs for u in vain?

Monday, November 9, 2009

When emotion flowzzz

Sitting alone in the dark
With a pin drop silence
The only thing echoing in my ears
That I conquered without license!

Mysteriously I carry a pride
Of owning the charm in you
The charm that impresses me,
For seven births and it’s true!

The darkness becomes heavy
By the thoughts that thicken
Making my heart pounding fast
And my emotions never end.

Wondering if u feel the same
As each second passing by
For in my heart u always remain
Till my last breathe whispers goodbye!

one is there for me.

Garland of roses surrounds my neck
With hidden thorns poking me like knife
While a false smile appear on my face
Showing dat I’m stepping into a new life

Unable to escape from this madding crowd
Mingling with an obliged desire
Trying to be everyone’s best friend
Surviving each day on the red fire!

Is my freedom snatched away?
Unknown to this childhood play
But when not a pair of arms hugging me
This, I realized the following day!

Someone pulling me from this madding crowd
Assuring me the love on earth
Easing away the sad tones on my face
There, I realized the value of this birth!

Puppet in God;s hand

Why do i plunge into this temptation?
When I get only the worse on earth
Why do Im tortured by this nightmare?
Thinking the happy dream’s my worth!

Am I a curse to this world?
Bombarded by the sorrows
Dint life teach me enuff?
Or the lessons I learned r slow?

Being once the victim to the best
Serving even my skin to kid n kin
Smiling to every odds
While dying new deaths within

Not born an orphan in this birth
Considering the dear ones beside
Wanting to abscond somewhere
But their love I fail to hide!

My last breathe...!

Dunno if i shud trust my faith
For to me it is strong
No oceans could wash it
And it could never go wrong

The faith purer than my love
The love that contains that faith
Dominated by the only existence
The existence not for name sake

With every breathe I inhale
Saying that existence is u
For it links with my being
Whether in joy or in blue

My residing on this earth
Is only for a reason clear
Only u acknowledge of it
Will my last breathe stop, my dear!

Wanting for u

Clad in the sweat of desire
Expressing u my heavy mood
With my spirit raising high
Within the emotions I brood

Closing my eyes in imagination
That paints the picture of thee
Bringing the dream before my eyes
With u tightly holding me

As my desire mounting more
Wanting u more for real
Crying aloud ur lovely name
For the scars in my heart to heal

Touching the summit of satisfaction
Panting with breathe I exhale
Opening my eyes to the reality
Craving for u, in my sad tale!

I beleive

I believe in my prayers
The prayers filled with u
The faith undefined
The dedication I kept thru

For the words uttered by u
Seems to scare me deep
Yet, the belief I have in Him
Cries louder even in my sleep

If ever miracles exist
Like U, I have achieved
The sunrays of my hope
Carry the message I’ve received

Not every smile is a smile
Nor my tears that flow non-stop
But ur laughter remains precious
Like a diamond on the top!

A bliss

When the sky darkens
And the wind getting wild
Brushing the leaves from the trees
Along with my feelings of a child.

Emotionally I’m captured
And handcuffed by my fantasy
Always immersed in ur thots
Not forgetting them easily

In pain there’s a joy
Loving u seems to me a bliss
Worsened the hurt I have
Far from u is what I miss

With no regrets any day
Enticing every moment it jumps
For my search is over
Final destination has come!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thought of u.

"Don’t know the reason why
Each time I think of u
My eyes begin to blurr
Coz of the tears rolling down thru’

The image of that shining chest
Blinking my memories
Not in one place my mind rests
Like in song, running around trees

I wonder and wonder
All trivial things on earth
End up crying on my bed
Not knowing if it’s worth

Y is my heart pumping so fast?
When my blood flows slowly
My limbs getting numb
With ur thots so heavenly!"

Tears & Painz

The tear drops escaping from my eyes
Rolling down my soft cheeks
Accompanying the pains they bear
That locked up within for weeks

So strange these silent tears
Multiplying as they flow
Wanting to win their races
Creating the speed as they grow

Not knowing the reason they r born
Fleeing happily from their source
Born from the painful sorrows
Reddening my eyes like rose

I find them whenever u come to mind
Not drying when wiped away
But when ur voice they hear
Where do they vanish I can’t say!

The joy unfoldz

Each time I think of u
My head turns towards the sky
Shining blue to my gaze
Seeing ur face above so high!

A smile blooms on my lips
With happiness comes unknown
Wondering why is this reflection
The reflection of this joy unfold

Do I know the reason?
Is it b’coz I miss u so?
For every cloud passing by
Brings me a message like spy

The message with ur memories
Ur laughter that lingers my ears
The love promised by u
Which lasts for many years?


Dunya mein kitne hai nafretein
Phir bhi dilon mein hai chahtein
Mar bhi jaayen pyar wale
Mit bhi jaayen yaar wale
Zindha rehti hai tumhari (unki) mohabbattein !

This world containing plenty of hatred
Then also i find in hearts some love
Dying & winning in this love
Living forever in ur (his) love

My search is over!!

I never expected to find
The ideal love I left behind
For it’s every girl’s fantasy
To meet the man with right mind

Taking life as given to me
Thinking the love given is the best
Helas! Deep inside me
The love I crave still rests

Exploded when unnoticed
Brings non-stop tears to my joy
Having found the bearer of it
Finally my love isn’t a toy

As alive as the red sun
Chilling like the cold moon
The child inside me erupting
Like the volcano in a noon

Greed for You !

The fragrance in ur breathe
Enchanting all my face
Blowing gently when u talk
Inhaling by me in slow pace.

The few drops of ur drink
Seen at the corner of ur lips
Not allowing u to wipe them off
Taste like nectar, by my lick!!

This desire is torturing me
Twisting n turning when I lay
For promising only ur love
Y do the thot of u turn me grey?

This feeling I yearn for
Makes me guilty to the core
Coz knowing I can be never urs
Y does my greed for u increase more?

Dying for you!!!

Y do I adjust my hair?
When I know u never care
Y do I draw my eyes
When u don’t even look at me twice

The feelings that cover my heart
Waiting for u to unveil
To expose my darkest secrets
My secret stories which are real

But I wonder every second
Are my feelings cared?
For they create no impact
Tho’ u know they are always there!

Will one day u cry for me
As I cry everyday
Will one day u look at me?
And nothing beyond u could see!

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