Thursday, December 31, 2009

WhY thIS hAPpeNs tO Me???

Why this happened to me?
When all i do is for you
Do I appear so silly?
For being in love so true

To me you are my Greek God
The eyes that pierce do deeply
Your hair stroke by my fingers
The sight of you weakens me easily!

I die to be wanted by you
As much as you are wanted by me
Very close that no air passes
In the sky we fly freely

Whenever you utter my name
I feel the whole heaven on earth
The joy you bring to my heart
This minute a death for you is worth

LoVe Me FoR a ReaSOn

You think I have everything
That I can buy on this planet
But if I dont have your love
The whole world I will reject

Accept me the way I am
Understand me as much as you can
Love me for the person in me
Treat me like you want me to be

The money I possess can be shared
Many things I give will show I'm there
But when I search for what I need
Noone except you will pay any heed

Love me please from inside out
Don't neglect me and leave me without
Wake up with me and make my day
Brighten my heart by promise you will stay

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