Saturday, December 5, 2009

Despair : BuRnInG FoR eTeRnItY

Lonely and torn as i weep
Why this happens I can’t sleep
Whatever occurs cannot be changed
Battling between life & death so deep

You are there yet you are away
Stealing my heart within a day
Hoping it’s safe wherever it is
Hold it tightly come whatever may

Each second without you seems years
I can’t walk-on but my mind wanders
Cruel distance snatched us apart
Left me bleeding tho’ you have my heart

Despair : SiNcErElY fRoM mY hEaRt

Why do I fill with memories
For the love that’s never true
Yet I’m inclined to it
When happy days are few

Searching long for your support
The one you gave rarely
When you are needed the most
All I saw was being lonely

Grateful for the affection
Which I get on and off
From my side I gave full effort
Loyally it was full shot

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