Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love : I loVe You The MosT

The words that people say
Go deeply through my ears
But the words that my heart says
Are only things I could hear

The truth in love I display
Let none anything to say
I wonder why I can love so deeply
But never had that love returned to me

Despair : WhEn WiLl U uNdErStAnD

Dint I give u enough time?
To know me from inside out
Guarding my belief so blind
A mistake that I always doubt!

No matter how hard I tried
Exploring the places u’ve been
Every nook and corner I cannot find
Empty space is what I’ve seen

Love: UnDeRsTaNd Meeee

Screaming aloud is not my way
Yet, my heart thundering astray
Making effort every word I speak
Understand me please, is what I pray

Unaware, my tears flow down
When I promised not to ever cry
Wishing one day, to be with you
After that day, I am ready to die

Not a day passed without missing you
Soul weeps solemnly waiting for you
Freezing my heart at your very touch
Crying silently loving you so much

Memories : PaInFuL mEmOrIeS...

Sitting quietly by my window
Struggling with thoughts full of sorrows
Drying my tears that flow nonstop
Blindly confused of my tomorrows

Desire : My NiGhT oF dEsIrE...

As u brush the hair from my face
Sweeping the desire within me
Yearning of your touch in a slow pace
Feeling the love I have for thee

The moments of our togetherness
Haunting deep down my mind
As you plant your kiss on my lips
I wish I could turn my life in rewind

Pain : Er FeEl My PaIn

I’m the world’s best lover
For i bear my special pain
The pain that surrounds me
Coz I wanna be with u again

You cannot feel the way I do
Since your thought about me is flu’
You circulate my mind every second
You don’t know the pain I go thru’

Pain : MaKe Me CrY

Whenever i am alone
With no one, on my own
Bitter tears flow from me
Makes my heart brutally torn

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