Sunday, January 3, 2010


I see the world thru ‘ your eyes
The beautiful world around me
The wonderful sunset & sunrise
More wonderful when it is thru’ thee

If I am a nerve in your brain
I would know all your wishes too
Would ask to God in my prayers
To make those wishes come true

Longing for you

Kissing u is what I long
Holding u I imagine strong
Feeling the softness of your charm
Embracing me within those arms

Blurring my eyes by morning mist
Wetting myself by tender dews
Smelling ur fragrance all over
Seperating me from you never

Drinking the nectar fallen
Drops escaped from ur mouth
Tasting the natural sweetness
From your lips, they ooze out

You are my destiny

You are my destiny
You share my reverie
ou are my happiness

That's what you are

You have my sweet caress

You share my loneliness

You are my dream come true

That's what you are

I fear not the tears and pain

I fear not the tears and pain; I fear the loss of your love and trust. I fear not the darkness in the night; I fear God keeps you away from my sight

Worthy of ur love

The night chilling my inner-self
By the cold outside influencing it
Freezing my flesh like hidden snow
Drawn beautifully in cartoon show!

Forcing my lids & shut down to sleep
Giving rest to my meaningful gaze
Yet, my thoughts dominate that sleep
Why do I find myself in this state?

A living dead

Betrayer, is what i’m branded
Betraying, is what i never meant

Betrayed, is what u did to me

Betrayal, in love I always felt!

You entered my heart
You slit it into pieces
You are the evil culprit
You took away my peace

I hate u coz I love u

Loving you

Salty tears of mine burn me
Extracting themselves from my soul
Melting my heart as they flow
Projecting my love as they go!

Red fire of my memories
Memories of your loving face

The face that haunts me for eternity

Leaving me dumbfounded & dazed

My life, plunging to darkness
Enlightened only by your love

If not I’m haunted by visions

Circling me like the black doves

ThrOuGh YouR eYes

I view the world through your eyes
I can see your tears that flow & drained
You think i will not understand
In your heart the sadness and pains

My heart beats link with your heart
It bleeds and shrink by your touch
It shines with glory when you smile
It cries and dies by your doubt

My life revolves around your thought
It exists in the form of your dreams
It lives by your breathing
It can hear your silent screams

I bElieVe

I don't need to pretend
Even when this nightmare ends
That you always care
And my world isn't bare

Im still not yet dead
Only these craps run in my head
But I always melt like wax
When you show your loving acts.

I love to hear you say
That you want me all day
You make my life easy to live
No matter how tough what may

AlwAyS AloNe

Lonely soul i will remain
Crying to myself in this domain
Thinking your love will accompany
There i went wrong in melancholy

Trying to burden all my worries
Weeping alone in this galaxy
No matter what the world moved on
This i realised when i'm alone

WheNevR I CloSe My EyeS

Whenever I close my eyes
Your face appears in front of me
I feel your arms around my body
Your warm breathe surrounds cozily

Whenever i close my eyes
Your laughter lingers my ears
Your seductive voice mesmerizing
Quoting me is what I hear

Am I Ur GiRl????

Isn't my hair the way you like?
Will you like holding my hand tight?
Isn't my body the way you want?
Won't you match my ideal height?

Din't my personality attract you much?
Din't my eyes pierce your touch?
Am i the way you like in a girl?
Am i pretty enough to make you swirl?

My WisH

Sitting alone gazing the stars
The clouds closing my views
My sights blurring gradually
The sky turns into a stretch of hue

Wishing to hear together our song
Each time your memories come by
And one day we sing along
To rejoice our love that shines

WiLl NeVeR gIvE uP

I am not crazy nor I am silly
I am in love with you and that's me
Don't laugh at me nor mock at me
For wanting you and loving you madly

Don't walk away and ignoring what i say
It's the sweet fact that you came my way
Not a star but an angel from above
Landed on my heart in the name of love

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