Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorrows : U LeFt Me AlOnE

Left me alone without a word
Crying for you like a bleeding bird
How much ever I try to prove
You neither listened or like to be heard

All the doubts hanging in me
Are just the unanswered questions
Wanting to clear them to be free
To walk with you till the end

Mistake : QuIt PlAyInG gAmEs WiTh My HeArT

The voice in my heart says
My love is unreciprocated
The silent form of my soul displays
My love is never understood

If my life has a reverse button
I would press it a thousand times
Helas! Life has no such thing
To not claim you as mine!

Death : WiLl YoU lOvE mE iF i DiE...?

I often wonder the fact
If i die as a natural act
Will you cry for my depart?
Like I love you with all my heart

Sitting beside the creator
Looking down upon you
Praying for your happiness
Tho’ you live in the blues

Shock : U lEfT mE sPeEcHlEeSs...

Sitting here shivering to the core
Pleading to God, don’t want this more
Seeing what I should never see
Until the truth sunk into my being

Howling when reality struck me
Can’t swallow the food crumbs freely
Visions around begin to blur
Unspoken words didn’t utter further

Pain : NigHtmAre On My Bed...

Crystal tears rush down my cheeks
Landing on my lips with salty taste
Wanting to scream but dumfounded
Tears rushing again without any haste

Blood pouring non-stop from my wound
Trying to cover the cut like a fool
Trembling body, with clumsy hair
Waking up sweating from nightmare

Pain: My HeArT iS pAiNiNg

Heart feels heavy when u avoid me
All I do is fighting for thee
Loving you is never my choice
Soul crying out your name by my voice

I feel happy when think of you
Expecting my desire to come true
But cruel fate is stopping us
Squeezing my heart by its crush

Wish : SiLeNt LoVeR...

Silent lover i am
Loving you, don’t blame
Lonely tears like flame
Wretched being I became

Happiness for you I pray
Worshipping God, night & day
Worrying deep in my own way
Smiling face, you’ll see what may

Wonder : U aRe ThE rEaSoN...

When do i feel right?
When you kissed me tight
When do I sleep blissful at night?
When your love take away my fright

Why do I realize I’m feeling down?
When you play with my heart around!
What use could it bring to you?
When it is already broken with no sound

I turn helpless when think of this!
There’s nothing I can do
Wanting to make the wrong seems right
But nothing seems to pass through

Love : I lOvE u, ThE fAuLt Is YoUrS

If heaven falls or hell rises?
Waves roar or wind blew?
Child cries or birds fight?
Don’t blame me for loving you

Your presence in my life
Is a gift I never asked
Your journeys in my dreams
The sleep I wish to ever last

Loneliness : U lEfT mE aLoNe,,,

If I could ever rewind my life
I would never want to meet you
But I know it’s never possible
B’coz I’m destined to suffer through

Snatching my heart so easily
You left me cry lonely tears
Not giving me a chance to say
Not a day you lend your ears

Hope : TrUsT mE bAbY

I visualize in your heart
Which you failed to see
The tear drops shed by you
Has drown the painful me

Having stopped to hope
To fulfill your sweetest dreams
Discouraged to live more
In this world so mean

Hope : SiLeNt TeArS...

If my soul is that transparent
Revealing my delicate heart
A thousand tales will be told
Whenever we are far apart

If my thoughts read so loud
Screaming the inside me
They will depict my desires
That you will clearly see

Love : WhEn U sAy U lOvE mE...

Why run away from my love?
Why trusting is never easy?
Being myself has been so tough
Faking smile I do for you freely

Despair : MaGiC MoMeNtS...

One instance you are there, next you are nowhere
Witnessing your fade-out, torturing me everywhere
Burning tears are rolling down my hot cheeks
That’s the fact which frightens me for weeks

Rejoicing a few minutes, in my 24 hours
Cherishing the moments when you are with me
Magical passing times that I call it ours
With no regrets, when alone I have to be.

Memories : MeMoRiEs U lEfT...

Throat blocked to the core
Frightened of what i see
The scar you created so deep
Knocked me down weak-kneed

The struggle I went thru
Left me sleepless nights
Pillow drenched in tears
When you are not in sight

Sadness : I MiSs YoU...

Is there a wonder in ur mind ?
That you mean the world to me
There’s a cry from inner soul
It misses you with melancholy

Sitting for hours gaping in thin air
To hear a word from you
When it escapes your mind
I wonder if you miss me too

Pain : bEaR tHiS aNyMoRe

On this chilly christmas eve
Biting cold freezing my bone
Shuffles my hair by cruel wind
Tears rushing down my cheeks are torn

Your promises those remain precious
Never left my mind a second
As time passes into years
Till the day my life ends

Hope : I SmiLe For You...

My eyes are exhausted
I have no tears inside
Every drop has dried down
I know no more to cry

My heart is shrunk away
Blood flow had stopped its flow
The corposels have blocked the path
It stopped to produce more

Desire : CoMpLeTe Me.

My heart is heavy with pain
Ignored by you again & again
Striving to prove myself here
How my love for you is crystal clear

One thing I never force myself
But happiness is what I get within
The unfold desires that crop up
When think of you inch by inch

Dream : WhO arE yOu ???

When my dark nights are hollow
You were the only soul who walked-in
When my arms stretched out to you
You embraced me lovingly within

Whispering the sweet little nothings
When I bend my head to listen
You make me feel so very special
Do I deserve that much I felt?

Grief : ITS PaInInG...

Wanting to shriek
Wanting to die
Beaten & bruised
Alone I cry

Who’s to blame?
They say my name
My only wish
Is cut my wrist

Longing : I feLl iN lOve AgaInnn

Enveloped by the mist of love
Nothing else is clear to me
Often I hit the earth like a thud
But no harm occurs to memories

I thought I have no more existence
Until you promised to give me a name
But why death keeps crossing my mind?
When all you said is not a game!

NevEr Will I F0rget

Last year when we had met
That's the day I never forget
The nights that we have shared
Made me learn you were rare

Very hard to beleive I met you
But it's the fact and it's true
It was love from my very end
Along with love came our passions

Helas! things took it's bend
Day by day my love was abandoned
I only survive to make you happy
But why do you make me feel crappy?

Determination : I hAvE tO bE sTrOnG

Are wise words lingering me?
Telling me what’s right & wrong
But this heart of mine refuses
And prevents me from being strong

Despite of being captured in love
Considering this state of mind
Wondering why my love is so deep
As deep that makes me blind

Prediction : U wErE bOrN fOr Me....

You are an illusion to me
A faceless lover you are to be
The gap that separates us
Approaches in vain without thee

Now that I found you
Still the vision I have is flu
Don’t know if you exist
My birth was never insisted

KiLl Me...agony

Can’t you see my heart bleeds?
By the crush of your words
As many times you repeat
Because You feel I’m not worth

The soft and innocent heart of mine
Is now frozen like cold ice
The fear you see inside
Is same as yours when you realized

Imagination : DeStITuTe Is WhAt I'm KnOwN

If our hearts do not meet
I would go my own way
Never would you cross my path
Would our souls intertwine what may?

If our eyes do not meet
There would never be sparkling
That would burn me alive
And make them weeping

Hope : OnE dAy YoU'Ll CoMe In ReAl.

Tears falling burning my cheeks
Lonely soul crying out your name
Drenching the path to my heart
Where my love remains the same

Tears : FrOzz3n TeArS

My chest heaved with pain
Taking my breaths away
Can you heal it again?
Before I lose myself astray

Death is a door from me
If I want to forget this ache
Yet I can’t open the door
Bearing my love is at stake

Pain : It sTiLl HuRtS

My mouth shuts tight
But my heart only cries
My soul screams inside
Unexpressed feelings that hide

My words are unclear
Difficult for me to talk
They try to escape out
Vocal-chord blocks its path

Prayer : No OnE lOveS yOu LikE i Do

No one loves you like i do
That’s what nature assumes it too
I will please you for my happiness
With a word, a hug and a kiss

I thought I understand you fully
Trying to weigh your unspoken
But I tend to make mistakes - Thus
Every time I turn to you to repent

I am so sorry

I am so sorry I am doing this to you.
I don't mean to put you through the pain I am putting your though.
I have more than just feelings for you .
I am in love with you.

I started to cry tonight.
When I realized you might walk out of my life.

The tears of pain streamed down my face.
I guess God is trying to put me in my place.


Tears : If u CouLd ReaD My TeaRs

If my tears could talk
They would utter your name
And tell you stories
That will put you in shame

They would wish to escape
When I cry at nights
But they fail to flee
Without shining my cheeks bright

Love :l WalK wiTh U ForEveR

Without any regret
I would die for you
If it is in your arms
I’d be blessed life thru’

Before closing my eyes
It’s your eyes I wish to see
If this wish comes true
Need not see heaven too!

Tears : Ur TeArS aChEs

Naivety or purity don’t exist
In this vast fake world
Searching for my identity
S’times replaced by cruel role

Pretending all is fine
While dying inside me
Struggling to see you in joy
Murdering myself for you freely

Grief : WiLl U cRy FoR mE???

Each time you kill me alive
On hearing your painful snobs
The loneliness in your words
Make me lose all hopes

The love I have for you
Isn’t it visible to you?
Willing to walk on fire
Willing to cross seven seas too

Hope : WiLl It CoMe TrUe...

Through lonely tears and smile
I lay my life for you online
You gifted me good times
And the pain you left me pine

You are so near, yet so far
Spirited me wherever you are
Tales you related me deeply
Good are less Bad are many

Love : My LoVe Is MoRe ImPoRtAnT

The moment i set my eyes
Nothing seems alright
I see you when they shut
Even when they are bright

My feelings are drilled so deep
Your voice lingers when I sleep
My breathe counts inch by inch
To match my dreams exist within

Thoughts : I MiSs YoU...aNd mIsS u

(A gift...)
I miss you
It's all I have to say
You're missing
I thought it better that way

But it kills me
And I can't fight this reliance
I'm drowning here
Amid this sick, strange silence

I need you
To tell you what I feel
To hear you
And remember what is real

Mistake : MiStAkE i MaKe...

Never knew the mistake
Which i blindly make
It trips me to make me fall
Bombards me back like a ball

Promised myself no error
But each time I see same horror
The mistake dominates me strong
In front of it I become wrong

Longing : CrAzY fOr YeW

My smiles became my tears
For deep in my heart i have a fear
Each time you appear for a second
All times you vanish for years

I laughed weeping hard
Wanting a place in your heart
But when I turn around
I am dumbfounded by lonely sound

Memories : ThE gOlDeN mEmOrIeS

Confided you my heart
The empty destination
It has never been used
Since its lonely hibernation

Wherever I am in this universe
My love will remain the same
No storm can fade it out
No one can remove its name

Dream : My DrEaMs AcCoMpAnIes

My world filled with dreams
Embraces me to its bosom
No gift it could grant me
No flower in its garden blossoms

It makes me smile without reason
It makes me shed tears brutally
But when I want to forget reality
My tears and smiles make me empty

Memories : ThE lOvE iNsIdE mY hEaRt.

Though seven seas seperate us,
And distance keeps us apart
Will there be a change?
The love inside my heart

I survive every second for you
Every minute of the day.
And you’re always with me
In at least a thousand ways

Sadness : My SaCrIfIc

At every sunset my tears flow
Bearing in mind the days that go
Without you to sing lullaby
Not worth to watch the sunrise

No glory from paradise’s light
Will ever open my eyes
My feelings sleep in yellow horizons
My memories know no darkness in the nights

Disappointment : HiGh HoPeS

My life has no sunshine
Once you walk away
No joy but counterfeited glee
All my efforts have gone astray

One should ever blame me
For having looked upon the star
Only when it strikes down to kill
Now I realized I’m too far

UnSaId FeElInGs

Unsaid feelings, deep in my heart
Dunno how to end or where to start
Each time I wanna let the words out
It seals my mouth to where about

Unsaid feelings, deep in my heart
Piercing me deep, like a sharp dart
It traps me shut, in this prison
Wanting to express, words had not risen

Love : SeNdS fRoM aBoVe

My passion and addiction
No drug can make me spin
To accelerate my dreams alive
The day my love brightly shines

The universe I live in
Cold wanting you to hold
If you drop me like a hot coal
The love I store will turn me into gold

Memories : YoU aRe LiViNg In Me

Life goes on but things remain
No reasons but you live in pain
Unforgettable moments sustain
Hopes built-up but in vain

Time heals certain wounds
Memories are imprinted dark
When you try to forget
They make your love lasts

People you possess in you
Are people who make you cry
Yet you can’t let them go
Coz you never want to try

Wonder : At TiMeS I wOnDeR fOr LoNg

At times i wonder for long
That if you realize that strong
If you would take me seriously
When I say I love you sincerely

At times I wonder for long
That if you realize that strong
For you all I would dare
Just because I really care

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