Monday, December 7, 2009

Despair : MaGiC MoMeNtS...

One instance you are there, next you are nowhere
Witnessing your fade-out, torturing me everywhere
Burning tears are rolling down my hot cheeks
That’s the fact which frightens me for weeks

Rejoicing a few minutes, in my 24 hours
Cherishing the moments when you are with me
Magical passing times that I call it ours
With no regrets, when alone I have to be.

Is there a dream I can never make up?
Hoping that inside, you love me more
Understand I do, the silence you speak
Deeper and intense, my presence you bore

Living with thoughts you carve for me
New memories for you I can hardly see
Can’t live with fear each time you vanish
Destitute I become like an autumn tree

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