Friday, January 1, 2010

So MucH pAIn in This HeaRT

Pain is overflowing my heart
You are the cause of this art
Every struggle is to make you see
I am in love it has to be

Will I ever be happy?
Will loving you be my remedy?
The glowing fire in my heart
Burning my desire for thee


I miss you immensely
My heart only knows
Do you miss me?
That only God knows!

But this kills me
Fighting with myself
Feeling lost down here
In this strange silence

I always need you
And feel your presence
Hearing your sweet voice
In order to give me strength

You don't have to talk
Though it will deafen me
But please dont run away
It's like drowning into the sea

tRuE LoVe ExiSTs

Unknown disturbance tortures me
Tearing my soul in peaces brutally
Horrified from this terror
Something surrounds me deadly

Why this continues to haunt me?
Apart from loving you nothing i can see
Although this love never made me complete
because my love is not wrong in thee

OnE daY yoU ll UnDerStaNd

This is God's whole plan
One day you will understand
Why is there a strange feeling?
You will understand its meaning

It's there in your breathe
Where you will finally see
For now you can't make out
It exists in you baby

Once i said you were the one
And that i say forever too
There is always no change of heart
There is no one to tear us apart

My LaSt KiSs

Entrapped in this suffocation
I feel an eery lurch on my skin
All I wish is a silent death
When I see no joy but pain within

As though this fate is made for me
Beaten a thousand times brutally
Not a second passed without thinking
Yet to others I am day dreaming

WisH I cOulD haVe WingS

I'm the passing cloud coming and going
In the cold night chilling your being
Wandering and searching as a messenger
For a heaven's light at your surrender

The night sky above me clearing
Wishing i have had my wings
To fly to your door step
An immense joy i would wish to bring

AlwAys MinE????

A permanent thorn in my shoe
With a deep cut in my heart
Searching for the missing piece
At last I knew where it starts

Stop hurting me evermore
From where these tears flow?
Where are those days go?
That i know no sorrows!

OnlY TheSe EyeS

Only these eyes know a love so grand
The love so big it envelopes the land
Only stretch of sky into the open space
Can match this love enchanted by your face

Only these eyes know a truth so true
Neither anybody can break it through
With a pure soul and eyes so bright
You come in my dream I see each night

LoVe, The UnSaiD FeEliNG

Noone can explain what Love is
Noone can touch its awesome height
Noone can argue that Love is wrong
Noone can deny that Love is strong

Thousand miles, Seperate in Love
Longest distance can cover above
The pleasure in waiting for only Love
Makes you fly high like the white dove

The WaiT

Darkness surround me as I weep
Numerous reasons are so deep
Useless to complain those to anyone
My soul chases me as I run

You are there yet you are far
Feeling trapped like behind bars
Stealing my heart brutally away
Sitting and crying is what i do everyday

NoWheRe To Go

Tears rush down burning my cheeks
Opened my mouth but hard to speak
Taking a deep breathe to talk in vain
No tears but howl as i cry again

Approaching the death as i bleed
Slitting the scar as nobody needs
Trembling in fear wanting to hide
Chased by the nightmares escaped i tried

WiLl ThIs ChaNge???

It has been everytime
When I come to you in tears
You would try to bring the moon
To bring me out of that fear

But what you fail to see
My love that reflects in me
Why it did not bring
To give you a little hint

Why Can'T iT Be tHis MomEnt??

Why can't it be this moment?
That we were not parted
As if you never left me
That this bond is abstracted

Why can't it be this moment?
Let this love be special
With our thoughts exceptional
Let us sleep into oblivion

Why can't it be this moment?
That you love me to madness
That you care for me truly
As i care for you

Why can't it be this moment?
That you never parted
That i did not cry my heart
Everything is same as started

LovE Me For ReaL

I feel i am falling from above
As a thud to the ground beneath
Attached to the string of love
Even if my heart is broken into pieces

Yet the fall does not pain me
Though love treated me cruelly
Worshipping thee with tits & bits
Yet I could not make it seen clearly

Like before i handle love with care
At last the ideal form in it i stared
Unchaining my heart all that i have
Still it leads me to nowhere

All I plead is one little thing
Do not consider this as a fling
Neither I crave for your pity
Hold me tight for the love i bring

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