Friday, January 1, 2010

OnlY TheSe EyeS

Only these eyes know a love so grand
The love so big it envelopes the land
Only stretch of sky into the open space
Can match this love enchanted by your face

Only these eyes know a truth so true
Neither anybody can break it through
With a pure soul and eyes so bright
You come in my dream I see each night

Only this heart makes me your pride
Feelings for you multiply so wide
Your sweet melodious voice singing like a song
Playing in my mind all the day long

Only this heart is moulded by trust
Hurricane or storm can't make it rust
Soft like your kiss addicting & sweet
The reason that knocks me off my feet

My love that I promise even after death
It will remain in heart and my last breathe
Leaves no question or doubt in mind
Even your eyes can't attempt to find

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