Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do I HaVe To PaY ThIs PrIcE...???

Looking deep into your eyes, hair blown on my face
Building up the emotions inside, sighing in slow pace
Longing for your touch, strengthening my faith
Will you feel the intensity of my love, so deep with grace

Petty petty times we spent together with love
Haunting my sleepless nights and torturing me
Wanting your embrace, wanting your grip like glove
To wash away my griefs and letting me free

Being used to feeling you though you are far away
But don’t know why missing you so much today
Come fast to me darling, to hold me tight
Give me a chance, show me your sight

Don’t ever do this to me; Is this a sacrifice?
Burning in emotions; Do I have to pay this price?
Clinging tightly for you are my only support
My life has no guarantee but I love you the most!

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