Friday, December 11, 2009

My LaSt WiShzzz

Never will I break your heart
Never will I tear you apart
But will follow you everywhere
Destined to me from the start

Awake in the frightful night
Drenched cold in this lonely world
Sudden thought had struck me
That I am not crying alone

ArE yOu ThErE tIlL I dIe?

What is your name?
Why are you close to me?
Why don’t you leave me?
What is your reason to be?

Why are you there when I cry?
Why are you there by my side?
Are you real or just a game?
Is “Loneliness” they call your name?

I walk alone through life's

I walk alone through life's dark night; you are my candle, my shining light

A pRoMiSiNg ToMoRrOww

Each night I cry your name
Next day I feel ashamed

For you everything I dare

My love displayed is very rare

Sitting alone in dark corner
Expecting someone to save

Screaming my soul so loud

But pretending to all I’m brave


Crushing on You Silently

When you're close to me...
Everything about you...
Is all i can see....
I don't know what kind of love spell....
You have put over me..

I am sitting behind you...
Silently, crushing...
Whenever you walk past...
Here i go blushing...
You make me hot..
Because I can feel my blood rushing...


AdaDa AdaDa

Adada Adada ! he’s doing s’thing to me
Adada Adada! he’s killing me like knife
He comes in my dream, he asks for my sleep
He comes to my front, he asks for my life

Whenever we walk together,
Our hearts wants to lengthen the path
Whenever he appears like rainbow
My black & white sight becomes color show

Just Being Me!!!

Everything started with a tease..
You and I suddenly make a difference
Our hearts are being tested,
Minds were conquered.

We broke the rules of morality
Continued to love each other though in a wrong way
We believed in what we feel.
And been praying to make it real.


A Thousand Wordzzz

Your heart thirsts for affection,
You've been neglected for too long.
It's time to pick up your shattered pieces,
For you I compose this perfect love song.

Listen closely to my gentle voice,
Let the sound of love flow through your veins.
Intertwine within my sanctuary of passion,
Drive the insanity out, quench the pain.


wish If....

Dunno how i lived widout you
Thinking I lived my life as whole
Not knowing you exist in me
Until you ripped my soul

If I had not felt the sparks
Sparks discharged by you
Burning me every second
Made me a living dead too

EvErY SmIlE iS nOt A sMiLe

If i had to smile to make you smile
Would cross this earth a thousand miles
Pretending the bitter tears I shed
Only known by Holy God of mine

Flooding in the pool of tears
Bearing in mind my destiny
Blurring my vision each night
Drenched in pain away to glory

A life born with unworthiness
Killing me and torturing me
Yet endured by this poor creature
This is how, life is meant to be.

My love is deep, my heart is pure
But ill-fate hugs me wherever I go
Living for others, dying inside
Loving you is what I could do more


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