Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU :-)

Happy birthday my love, I'm sorry I'm not there.
I promise, though far away, I really do care.
Happy birthday to you, my day and my night.
For you, I would capture all the star light.
Happy birthday to you, my friend, my life.

This day is yours alone, free of all strife.
Happy birthday to you, the air that I breathe.
You have given me all I'll ever need.
Happy birthday to you, my once in a lifetime.
I'd do anything to make your smile shine.
Happy birthday to you, my love, my dear.
I'd give up eternity to be with you, so near.
Happy birthday to you, my every thought and dream.
If I could, I'd make your life easier than it seems.
Happy birthday to you baby, my everything.
For you, I'd beg all the angels to sing.
Today is about you, and you alone.
About all the good you've never shown.
It's about the happiness, and dreams you share.
And times sadness has come and you've been there.
Today is your day, I'll say it loud and true.
Today is your special day, I swear I love you.
So happy birthday to you, thank you so much.
For living everyday, while my heart, you touch.

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