Thursday, April 23, 2009

OuR ApriL 23rd...

Endless time i'll never forget
Those bright full moon nights
Our hopes and dreams were spoken
And our silly little fights

Unforgettable is your face
As my guide, philosopher and friend
The promises that you will stay beside
Till eternal time never ends

My lovely laughs you heard
Along with my sad unspoken tears
Everything in me you admired
Within no time you chased away my fears

Those four wonderful days
Made me never stop loving you
Reason why i am here now
To take you forever through

- Naaz -

I can see the pain you suffer
From which you try to escape
I can see the damage you've broken from
I can see your worst mistakes

I know who you are inside
You're deepest secrets are known
And in the dark of this bright night
All your wounds will be sown

When i look into your eyes
I can see this mad man inside
And temptation screams in the pit of my stomach
And i reach to dry your eyes.

One single candle burns
And not a sound is made
For in the silence of this room
Our bodies make a trade

You're pain for my pleasure
You're pleasure for my pain
Ever so slightly i hear it quietly
You try to whisper my name

A rhythm not another couple could master
I look deep into your emotions
I see your being to me at the moment
I see your deepest devotions

Tangled in these sheets we twist
Into another secret place
I see the pleasure etched in every muscle
I read it on your face

Our bodies close together; shaking
Like the most intense vibration
I scream out in sheer ectasy
You shudder at this sensation

Lifeless we cling to each other
In a moments fantasy
When just for once i helped you heal
For once, i felt you loved me..

- Aaliyaan -

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