Saturday, November 7, 2009

My story

I close my eyes alone in the tub. The bathroom has always been a silent place for me. I sit and think of you for another hour. I wish so much you could see all the pain you have caused.
I had fallen in love once and that was with you, and not once I regret it. The love between us no one could replace. The endless love making with your warm embrace. I think of all the things that went wrong with us.

When you decided to become the big time player and I decided to change into, what you wanted me to be. But i realized you should love me for me, however you never did.
I truly miss you with all my heart and nothing or no one will change that part. Sometimes I wish for the strength to hurt you. However whenever I see you my body becomes weak and I can barely speak.

I will get over you, it just takes time. I need to let you go because your no longer mine. I am jealous of your beautiful boy yet I do with for happiness in her world. Just to let you know I will be ready. When you come back to me like you always do. But this time I wont run back to you. I can say this so, its time to let me let you go.
I'm over everything especially you. This is something I'm willing to do. I cant get hurt again, its to much pain to take. My heart isn't yet whole from the first heart break. I open my eyes, my mind is clear. Am Awake At This time,
[drowning in my own tears

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