Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Love You !

Love has to be precisely defined!
I suggest they make a sheet, "The Love Sheet"!!
With boxes of every what a lover could possibly feel or do..
Things that I do and feel when I'm alone and when I'm with you..
Things that you can see and things that I hide..
A box for my heart rate when I see you..
A box for my breathing, if I could!
A box for numbness, speechlessness..
A box for dreams, for day and night dreams!
Boxes for what I remember about you;
Your moves
What you wear
What you say
Boxes for memories
Boxes for the past, the present and the future

Boxes for tears
Boxes for smiles
A box for how much I miss you
A box for how I need you
A box for how much I love you
Boxes for your beauty
Boxes for your purity
Boxes for my devotion
Boxes for truthfulness
A box for how much I care
A box for how you make me feel
Boxes for everything about love
Then I take my pen and check what applies to me
I will check them all
I wouldn't be cheating
I hold all what the word love means for you
I'm crazy in love with you
And then I hand that sheet to you
You read and tell me what you feel too
Aren't we in love?
We're so in love
And it doesn't need such a sheet for you to know how much I love you
It's all in my eyes and yours
I love you
I love you

- Aaliyaan -

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