Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emotional Starz

The sun that burns down my skin
Does not show pity on me...
But the moon that relects on my body
Less brighter than the thots i have for thee...!

Ur sweet laugh that warms my ears
Ur temper that shudders my being...
Where hides ur softness nature
Everytime i explore, for it to be seen.

Why do i keep wondering again & again
The annoying doubt that lingers in me...
The rose petals that form ur lips
Dint they utter enuff,
Ur love for me?

Helas! auradh ain't I?
Wanting to hug this emotional star...
And keep him always in my bossom
Tho' know that he is too far...!

The seven seas that sperate us,
Do not see what i go through
Coz they flow along with my tears
To wipe the distress in U!

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