Thursday, November 5, 2009

I WaLk3d aLon3 AgaiN.UpOn MiDnIGhT HoUr.YoU CaMe UpOn Th3 SuMm3r SuN, Br3aThiNg Th3 WiNdS oF y3sTerDaY Hop3 AnD ToMoRrOwS Dr3aMs.Part3d Th3 WaLLs,AnD sLiPp3D in Lik3 A Thi3f Of The NiGht.i G3nTly Smil3d An ShUtT3r3d A T3ar. YoUr VoIc3 CaLm3d My f3aRs, AnD Gentl3D My SouL.sLoWlY AnD Grac3fuLLy YoU DiSsApP3ar.My NiGhTs Ar3 CoLd and cL3aR.y3t Sh3LL i Cry a T3ar Of LoVe,Or Cov3r iT WiTh A GrUdGe.i b3l3ive Th3 QuEstiOnS Was cL3aR.YoU s33 ThAt MiL3s Ar3 For3v3r UnR3aL.And i aM ThE On3 ThaT F33Ls YoUr Lov3 WaS So R3aL. i WaLk3d aLoN3 AgAin UpOn Th3 MidNiGhT HoUr.My MiNd WaS Cl3aR.i F3lt No PaIn.noR DiD i f33L Th3 Lov3 YoU Onc3 sHaR3D.I H3arD YoUr CrYs AnD FeLt YoUr PaIn,Y3T YoU pLaY3D Th3 Gam3.My H3arT WaS NoT YoUrS.To TaK3.iGaV3 iT UnCoNtiOnaLly,AnD My SouL Was SoOn To FoLLoW.As AnG3r WaS To FoLLoW.ThOuGh iT WaS Hard To ShoLLoW.i FoUGhT DoWn Th3 No.WiP3D AwAy a miSpLaC3 T3ar,WiTh A SmiL3.Bow3D mY H3aD AnD Gav3 YoU a SiMpL3 Y3S. Th3 Lov3 I HaV3 Is MiNe To K33p.YoU Gav3 iT Back To Me.N3v3r ThiNkiN WhaT iTs LiK3 FoR

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